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About Us

logo-aibSince 1977 Pacon, Inc. has prided itself by exceptional customer service, getting our customers what they need, and when they need it. We have staff members with over 20 years service and 2 locations, one in Baldwin Park California, and the other in Winter Haven, Florida. It is our commitment to provide the level of service that keeps customers like you coming back for years. Like many of our staff, Pacon has clients that have remained faithful for decades. When you call us, you’ll be happy to hear the live voice that still answers the phone because we do believe that certain things should never change.

Our Mission

Our Mission Statement is boldly stated by our continuing way of doing business.  Our customers are glad “SOME THINGS NEVER CHANGE”. Our Commitment to Customer Service has spoken for itself with our proven results. It’s about as simple as it gets because we keep it that way.  Isn’t that refreshing? We live in an age of automation and gadgetry which results in a loss of personal interaction.  These days we’re all used to paying more but getting less. Good customer service is sadly becoming a thing of the past. At Pacon we pride ourselves with customer service that hasn’t changed because WE HAVEN’T CHANGED!