Pacon Protective Sleeves (PPS)

Economical flexible performance packaging used to protect parts during manufacturing, shipping, storage and on your work bench. PPS easily slip over parts and will not come off until you are ready. Made of bi-planar polyethylene strands, PPS allow great air flow avoiding the possibility of corrosion. Pacon Protective Sleeves come in 3 series, giving you the option of roll sizes and colors.



Series 1 – Economical Standard Protection

Series 1 has the most stretch allowing each sleeve to cover a larger range of diameters. Our unique extrusion process gives the sleeves the ability to fit and contour the shape of your products. With more strands, Series 1 gives you the standard protection you need when shipping across town or across the country. These sleeves are packaged in ship friendly easy to use cartons.



Series 2 – Standard Protection and Color Coding

With less stretch, series 2 is made to fit the diameter of your part. Series 2 has more parts so that you are able to use them for color-coding. You can purchase the rolls in a small coil, packed in a punch-out center box, or a larger roll on a spool. The large rolls have 5 times more product for the jobs requiring larger quantities. The smaller coils are designed to pull from the center of the box allowing consumers to easily cut what they need for their application.



Series 3 – Lightweight for High Polished Parts

Series 3 is unique with small diamond mesh openings allowing the strands to be closer together giving the net less stretch providing more protection. This lightweight product is flexible which makes it easy to apply. This netting is packaged in small coils for easy storage.

*Custom Colors and Roll Sizes are available with a minimum order.


With 3 different series of Pacon Protective Sleeves to offer, customers are able to find the best protection to handle their critical parts. Whether sleeves are used for in-house manufacturing or for end user protection, Pacon has the product for you. Different sizes, thicknesses and colors allow customers to pick exactly what they need.

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